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This area of the web site is set aside for the production knitter. In the rest of the Daisy Knits web site there are free patterns, classes, clubs, workshops, seminars, patterns for sale, machine and equipment specials and all the other things that go with knitting. Those things however arenít in this section because they are of general interest. Youíll have to go back to the home page for all of that. The things listed below are specific to production knitting. Hopefully this will give a bit of support to those of us whether beginner or seasoned, who have chosen chaos, and sleep depravation as a way of life.

To be listed on the "Production Knitters For Hire" page just email me your City, State business name, phone, email addy, and contact person. We receive emails all the time telling us that people have received, reliable work from the listings.  Even if this reference page never brings any one any work, it will make available a person to talk to when you need to touch base with someone who understands what you are going through.

Here are some other things that may be of help to you. Use what you like and leave the rest.

Notice which companies are paying for advertising on jackets. They are the ones most likely to put forth money for matching hats, sweatshirts, mittens, sweaters, scarves, afghans, vests, etc.

We knit for many schools in the twin cities area. We also knit stents (arteries) for a medical research company, garments for a fashion designer and items for craft sales. Some of the gals knit baby clothes for an upscale store. Think, watch, imagine.

Schools: I started by knitting a hat and mittens with a soccer ball on them for my son in his school colors. Before long all the boys on the team wanted them. Then the girls team. Then the other teams like swimming, diving, band, choir, math, football. I ended up putting all of the sports on to a disk so that they were easy to use. It is for sale to anyone who wants to use it. It is called (imaginatively) "School Sports Disk". The patterns for the hat and the mittens are, of course, for sale too. The hat and mitten patterns are all written with an eye on quick knitting and quality. This is not a push to use my hat and mitten patterns. If you have some others that you are comfortable with, use those.

Try contacting the private schools in the area. They are smaller and may not want to have to order in the large quantities that most manufacturers require. Start with small orders so that it won't be overwhelming for you. You can call the school and ask if they have a school store or a boosters club, that needs a fund raiser. Ask if they would like to see the hats and mittens. Some will say no. Be prepared, It's part of the deal. Some will say yes. We knit for 26+ schools including the 4 largest in the state (some of whom said no at first).

Once a school orders from us we guarantee that we will not sell directly to the students. This is a selfish move. The students will graduate and move on. The school will promote us to the incoming students year after year.

Craft Sales: We give a craft sale 3 years to make money. If after the 3rd year we don't feel it is worth it , we quit. There are many crafty items to knit. It is good to make a lot of "attention getting" items.

Once you start to make money you may want to put an add in the yellow pages. Donít go hog wild. Do the cheap thing. Mine has a special ring so that I know when a person has gotten it out of the YP. Thatís where we got the fashion designer and the medical company that we knit for.

Wear Knits everywhere you possibly can. Even my sweatshirts have a knitted panel. If some one says, "Oh how pretty" donít just say thank you. Say, "Thank you this is one of my best sellers". Psychologically it is much better. You let them know in a non threatening way that you are in business to sell knits.

My business letters are available for you to get some ideas. Feel free to use them, but please donít use my company name or my name. There are some free patterns on the web sight too. Be sure to make the "Lapel Pin". It is a teeny tiny hat and mittens. When people notice the pin you have an "in" to mention what you do. Try, "Oh thank you. This is one way of letting people know that knitted hats and mittens are my business.

My pattern brochure is on this web sight too. These are things Iíve drawn, mostly by request, that are real eye catchers at craft sales. This gives you an opportunity to see them and it gives me an opportunity to advertise. Sometimes I will put a sweater on and go to a related show. The "Blue Willow" is one that is great to wear to antique sales at the mall. The "Deer", which is Animal Kingdom 10 is great at hunting shows.

If I can be of anymore help please contact me. No question is too dumb. Iíve had them all at one time or another.

I have several different classes that are geared to the production knitter and making money with the knitting machine. Look me up at seminars and workshops. At the very least, stop by and say hi. Even if you decide that production knitting isnít for you, come by and see me. I have classes for the personal knitter too and I love meeting people. My slogan is:

Lora Kinnan / Daisy Knits

To promote your business have you thought about making dishcloths, putting your card with each one and giving them to your local Welcome Wagon? Make them a little wider and they are great burp cloths for new momís that your local hospital can give out. Have your iron on or stick on label on each one.

How about making small baby bonnets or stocking hats and giving them with your card to your local OB-GYN clinic or hospital to give to new momís.